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Content wins and InGear Media will help communicate your products and message in a variety of media formats.

eNewsletters – Bimonthly or quarterly newsletters are great ways to keep your reps, clients and customers on the same page with information about your company and products.

Social Media and Websites – We can help you communicate with your customers and other enthusiasts through social media. We will build a schedule and maintain daily updates about products, contests, shop tours and general news about your brand.

Product Descriptions – Concise explanation about your product, its features/benefits and application will answer consumers’ questions and lead to more informed purchase decisions.

Instructions – You may know how to install your product, but that information needs to get to the customer that just bought your parts to create a satisfied installation experience.

Product Photography – Clean, updated photos of your products will help when it comes to online and catalog retailers, not to mention having a print quality image available for media and editors.

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When installing a new throttle body or carburetor, other challenges may come up such as setting up the throttle linkage or TV cable of the transmission. Do you offer setup tips, or suggest accessories? InGear Media can help!
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Does your company offer acessories to complement you’re A-movers? InGear Media will help you promote those accessories!
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InGear Media has many project cars that have been used in magazine stories or for testing of new products. The leaning tower of power inline six was coming out to make space for a 2008 Hemi.
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How is your company doing on Facebook? Are you actively posting updates, images, tech info and simply fun items to engage your fans and friends? InGear Media can help.
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