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A Day of R&D

It is always fun to do some product testing for manufacturers and we were called on to run a new distributor in our Pontiac recently. The good thing about doing this was getting away from the keyboard and under the hood. Even better is that it forced us to get the old Tempest fired back up and street legal! It’s been too long since we grabbed gears in the Tremec with the tires squealing and the torque of the 467-ci Poncho pushing us back in the bench seat. Well worth pulling the distributor a few times!

Cool Start to the Year

We received the new Rocket Wheels catalog last week featuring our photography of MSD’s Atomic Deuce project. Rocket puts out an awesome catalog full of stunning cars and great photography so it was pretty cool have a shot included.

Seasons Greetings to all!

Welcome Street Rod Life!

We’re pleased to announce that InGear Media’s Todd Ryden is the Editor of the new website and magazine Street Rod Life!

Street Rod Life, from Xceleration Media, is an upcoming publication that will celebrate amazing cars, performance ingenuity and the hot rodding lifestyle from coast to coast. Street Rod Life will be covering traditional pre-1964 street rods, as well as classic trucks and custom cars up to 1972, Street Rod Life digital and print content will provide a balanced mix of event coverage, lifestyle features and tech information.

You can check out the website at and joining us on FB. Watch for the first print issue in the first quarter of 2015.

InGear Media will continue to press onward with press releases, media planning, ad design, instructions, stories and assistance to our clients. We’re ready to help you with your media needs! 

The Tire and Wheel Game

When it comes to the first impression or visual impact of your car, the tire and wheel combination is nearly as important as the paint itself. I feel that picking out a color combination may be easier than choosing the best rolling stock since there are simply thousands of designs and sizes to select. 

Our ‘65 Tempest has been wearing the same 16" polished Torque Thrusts for over a decade and it’s high time for an upgrade. A friend had a set of 17" wheels that were flavored with the original Hurst mag wheel that was a popular upgrade on Pontiacs back in the day. We were excited at the prospect of the upgrade but when we test fit the combination, we found the tires were a considerable amount taller on all four corners. What finally stopped the project dead in its tracks were that the front tires didn’t clear the lower corners of the front wheel openings. Ugh! 

In the end, our friend didn’t want to separate the tires from the wheels and we din’t want to buy a complete set of rubber that didn’t fit. The wheel upgrade was scrubbed and we’re still on our 16’s…though we’ve been looking at a number of websites and wheels. 

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