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SEMA Time!

Time for SEMA -

It’s the first week of November which only means one thing for the automotive aftermarket - time to head to Las Vegas for the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association show!

This event, best known simply as SEMA, is the largest gathering of the coolest cars and parts in the world! Four days and nights of pomp and circumstance all geared at the automotive industry. It can be completely overwhelming and cannot be fully digested in the 96 hours that you’re given. 

Before packing your bags and heading to Vegas, note that this is a trade-only event! You’ll see oodles of coverage on all the social media outlets and if you are in town, there’s plenty of cars and action to see outside of the main halls. Better yet, on Friday night SEMA is hosting their Ignited after-party which is open to the public and will spotlight hundreds of cars from the show and more. 

We’re really excited to get to work on our ‘64 Chevelle with a complete 4-wheel disc brake kit from Classic Performance Parts. We’ve been stopping this first year Chevelle with the factory single pot master cylinder and 4-drum manual brakes for far too long.

The CPP kit appears to be complete with everything we’ll need to make the swap including the power brake booster, combination valve and all the components. The kit is even designed to work with our 15-inch Ralley wheels! We’ll give you an update when we’re up and stopping!

We’re installing a new low pressure Holley Red Pump on our ‘69 Dart to feed the carbureted late model 5.7L Hemi. We were having trouble with the modified sending unit and it’s return line leaking so this seemed like the right move.

This Holley pump should allow us to run a deadhead line and be good to go! It’s important to mount the pump lower than the sending unit because gravity helps feed the fuel to the pump - it’s made more to push than to pull remember. The cool thing is Dodge put a handy little pocket right in front of the passenger side leaf spring hanger to mount the unit.

What happened to January?

I’ll tell you what happened; the MPMC Media Trade Conference, an HRIA long range planning meeting and the Grand National Roadster show! 

The Media Trade Conference is hands down the best place for media members meet with manufacturers. You have a 30-minute meeting to get the scoop on new products, tech details and to bounce around editorial stories. It’s three full days of meetings, but it’s well worth the time.

Next up was a long range meeting for the select committee of the Hot Rod Industry Alliance. There are some great things in the work to help our industry and hobbyist. One event right around the corner is Education Day at the Detroit Autorama (Friday, March 6th)! 

Lastly was the 66th Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California. Awesome heritage, killer rods and customs, and just a great show.

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